Cross Stitch: My Baby Bear Quilt

This is a catch-up post for a cross stitch project that has already been completed.

Project #: 41 (But really, I started this long before all of the others, so the number is arbitrary.)
Made For: Me, Myself & I
Details: This is a quilt I made for a distant future child [let’s not get started on that subject, k?].
Completed: June 2014

First, I spent the better part of a decade stitching the kit on & off, which consists of a stamped quilt and all of the thread provided.


Next, I had to select materials to finish the quilt.  My mom helped me with this via telephone.  I was on with her during an entire shopping trip to Joann’s Fabrics.  Thank goodness for modern technology!  I was able to send her pictures like the one below to get her on-the-spot opinion on colors and fabrics for the back side.  We decided on the yellow to keep things gender-neutral.


Then I pinned the baby quilt batting onto the quilt top, then pinned on the fleece.  I didn’t cut either material down too much, there were a few inches overlap on all sides, that way I didn’t have to worry about things becoming misaligned during sewing and ending up with a short edge.  Once I was satisfied with the pinning I machine sewed the pieces together.  After sewing I rough trimmed the overlapping fabric off, leaving a slight jagged edge.


Finally, I fine-trimmed all of the edges and added some matching pastel anchor points throughout the quilt to keep all of the layers from shifting through use & laundering(not shown).


But it’s not done yet!  The last thing to do is add this ruffled cotton edging to the outer edge.


The obstacle has been that the edge allowance on that material is so short that it will need to be hand sewn, and I just have not had that to do.  Soon, I swear…

Updates will be made to this post, or it hasn’t happened.