Stitch Fix: April 2016 – Fix #8

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Summer is coming…! And so is Game of Thrones, but let’s talk about clothes first!

First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!


For my 8th Fix I retained Jasmine, as I felt we were building a relationship and she was really getting me and helping me explore within my comfort level.  For this fix I asked for 2-3 pairs of white pants (listing specific brands/styles I was interested in trying), navy dress pants, and tops in different brands than I’ve received before since I’m having fit issues with tops.  Let’s see how that turned out…


Item 1:
41Hawthorn: Lucida Colorblock Knit Dress (Navy)
Size: XL
Price: $68.00



Style: Hate It
Fit/Cut: Hate It

IMG_20160408_164236612_HDR   IMG_20160408_164309268_HDR

Let’s just get this sad piece out of the way first.  I hate this dress.  I hate the shape, I hate the colors, I hate the length and I hate the material.  What irritated me most of all about this item is that my profile is marked “No dresses” and “No pink” and mentions that I prefer to keep my knees covered (in addition to past feedback about skirt length), so I’m not sure what compelled Jasmine to send this awful thing.

Verdict: Returned

**PSA:  Many people would say something like “Sorry about my pasty legs!” or “I need to get some sun!” but I will never say that, nor should any of you.  This is healthy skin.  I am fair skinned, fair haired & light eyed – all of which increases my risk of skin cancer, not to mention having a history of cancer in my family.  Our culture needs to stop beautifying unnaturally darkened skin.**


Item 2:
Pixley: Avah Knit Top (Light Green)
Size: XL
Price: $58.00


IMG_20160408_170055981_HDR   IMG_20160408_165622930

This shirt is a mint green with a dark grayish blue print.

Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Like It

IMG_20160408_163654677_HDR   IMG_20160408_163647167_HDR   IMG_20160408_163702648_HDR

This is the first top in a long time that fit me! It wasn’t perfect, but it was probably the second best item in this Fix.  The material was very soft, but it looked like it would start to pill immediately.  Although it went well with these navy pants (reviewed later on), I have more regionally & seasonally appropriate options that cost far less.


For instance, this Style & Co. top from Macy’s is a silky material and I paid less than $30 for it.  I can also get extremely similar, but superior tops from LuLaRoe for $35 – which I stated in my feedback.

Verdict: Returned


Item 3:
Liverpool: Jordyn Bootcut Pant (Navy)
Size: 14/32
Price: $88.00


IMG_20160408_170303785   IMG_20160408_170313195_HDR

Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Love It

IMG_20160408_163924999   IMG_20160408_163931781

I loved these pants! They were nice and long, a great material, and had an elastic waist.  The boot cut style went really well with my heels, too!  Unfortunately, they were too tight.  They mostly look okay in the pictures, but I assure you they were SO tight.  I think I have a paper cut on my left hip from the tags!

If this were the late 70’s I’d be styling, but alas… I contacted Stitch Fix Customer Service to see if they had a larger size in stock, but they did not.  I will be keeping my eye out for similar navy pants in the future.  I found this style (called Kimberly) on Amazon, but they don’t have navy at the moment.

Verdict: Returned


Item 4:
Papermoon: Norris Split Neck Blouse (Navy)
Size: XL
Price: $44.00


IMG_20160408_170140291_HDR   IMG_20160408_165611874

The colors of this top are a bright coral and a deep grape purple, not navy.  Someone at Stitch Fix is colorblind.

Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Like It

IMG_20160408_164850295_HDR   IMG_20160408_164733733

This top had tons of potential out of the box.  It is sleeveless and made of a sheer material but colored dark enough that I don’t need a camisole under it.  But again… It. Did. Not. Fit.  The chest, back and underarms were all tight, as you can see by the stretch of the pattern in the picture on the right, above.

IMG_20160408_164759940   IMG_20160408_164750523

This tightness caused this weird ‘pooching’ of the material on my back.

Verdict: Returned


Item 5:
Market & Spruce: Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan (Navy)
Size: XL
Price: $68.00



Style: Hate It
Fit/Cut: Hate It

IMG_20160408_164932253   IMG_20160408_164928205_HDR

And rounding out this disastrous Fix is this monstrosity.  It looks stupid just hanging there like that, and folding it over doesn’t improve the situation.  Need I say that I hate it?  I’ve seen it in other reviews and people seem to love it.  I always hoped Stitch Fix would never send it to me.  In fact, my profile says “No left-to-right asymmetry.”  FAIL.

IMG_20160408_165000687   IMG_20160408_165011067

This is described as a cardigan, but is more of a jacket.  It has the cheapest zipper I’ve ever seen on such a pricey piece of clothing.  I couldn’t zip it up while I had it on, so I just demonstrated what it would look like if it were zipped.


Oh, hey, it has pockets!  Whatever.

Verdict: Returned


Final Thoughts: As you can see, my 8th Fix was my first 0/5.  Once I found out that they didn’t have the pants in my size, I did consider keeping the Pixley top.  However, the fact remains that I can get a better top elsewhere for less money.  If I had kept it I would have been out an additional $38.00 plus 9.75% tax on the whole $58.00, for a total around $44.00.  I can get an similar style, but superior quality top from LuLaRoe for around $41.00 shipped.  It was no contest.  I decided to forfeit the $20.00 styling fee.

I’ve seen other reviewers complain about an entire Fix because it didn’t feel like their style, which is debatable.  I think that my negative feelings about this Fix are pretty legitimate, first and foremost, because 2/5 items were in direct violation of the preferences stated in my profile, which is a Stylists job to follow/reference.  Additionally, my main request of 2-3 pairs of white pants was not only ignored, but it wasn’t even acknowledged or explained in the note from Jasmine, which was notably very short.  She mentioned something else that was in my Stylist Notes, so I know she read them.  It feels like she was rushing and not paying much attention, which this Fix certainly reflects.


That being said, I’ve decided that I am not going to be ordering anymore Fixes for the time being – possibly ever, unless Stitch Fix expands their sizing into Talls, which I told them in my feedback.

Um, no.

Since I discovered LuLaRoe, I’m much more impressed with the clothing and feel like I’m getting better value and service for what I’m paying.  Speaking of money, LuLaRoe is also more affordable than Stitch Fix.  If you aren’t familiar with LuLaRoe, or need another place to get your favorite pieces from, please check out my friend Rhiannon’s LuLaRoe Online Sales shop!  Rhiannon is a wonderful, helpful consultant who will answer any question you have and help you determine your size in something if you are unsure.

Rocking my favorite TC leggings with a L Irma.  Also, OMG, it’s my face!

This XL Azure is PERFECT for the humid, swampy Southern heat of Summer!

Another thing I love about LuLaRoe is that you have professional options as well as casual ones! This is one of my first XL Cassie skirts.  Look at those lovely covered knees.  *SWOON*

Don’t get me wrong, Stitch Fix has been a valuable experience for me.  I’ve really learned more about my own style, fine tuning what I like and what I don’t.  I have a better idea of what does and does not work for me, and I’ve gained the confidence to try new things and look at things in stores I might not have in the past.  I’ve also discovered new brands of pants that I love (Liverpool & Kut From The Cloth)!  Stitch Fix served a great purpose for a time, but I’m ready to take control of my clothing selection.


If you would like to try the Stitch Fix service out for yourself, feel free to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.

Enough from me, what do you think?  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments for me – I’d love to hear from you!


Once again, I’m joining Maria @ Crazy Together for a link up!  Check out her recent Fix here!



2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: April 2016 – Fix #8

  1. I use to feel the same way about the prices at Stitch Fix, and would send things back just for price alone thinking… I can find another pair of green cargo pants that fit and look great in great fabric that is comfortable for less money… but the truth is…. I really cant. I had to be honest with myself and admit that I am not going to take the time/energy to run around to stores looking for the pants, trying on pants, looking for sales, or looking on the internet. So, I’ve accepted one of the beauty of Stitch Fix is I may pay a little more for the exact right thing that is in my hands right now and works well in my closet and works with other things in my closet. Its hard building a quality wardrobe!!


    1. I didn’t originally feel that way. However, once my eyes were opened to the possibilities, I was finding WAY more in stores and have done far better, money-wise, than I did with SF. Not to mention that almost nothing from SF fit me correctly. We all have different bodies & different experiences, and that’s okay! 🙂


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