Stitch Fix: January 2016 – Fix #5

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Going into January, it was my birthday month AND I had my $50 credit to spend from the gift card giveaway I won, so I knew I could splurge a little if I wanted to.  Apparently I forgot to open the blinds when I took my pictures, so the colors didn’t come out so well.  SORRY!

First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!


For my 5th Fix I requested to stick with Jasmine, as she seemed to be “getting” me better than any of the others had thus far.  I had mentioned I was looking for skirts to wear to work, and was looking for more color variation.

Item 1:
41Hawthorn: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse (Dark Green)
Size: XL
Price: $48.00



Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Love It

I loved this blouse! It was my favorite color, great material and would have been perfect to wear for work. Alas, the fit was a little bit better than most of the tops I’ve gotten, but still too tight in the arms, shoulders & bust.

IMG_20160120_135849288       IMG_20160120_135928224

Verdict: Returned


Item 2:
NYTT: Hampshire Raglan Knit Top (Dark Grey)
Size: XL
Price: $58.00



Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Love It

This shirt was made of the absolute softest material ever! Once again, the fit was terrible, very unforgiving – the arms were super tight from wrist to shoulder.  I was also not a fan of the price for a simple top like this.

IMG_20160120_140355523    IMG_20160120_140405412

Verdict: Returned

Item 3:
Kensie: Mally Ponte Jacket (Dark Grey)
Size: XL
Price: $88.00


IMG_20160120_141052713_HDR     IMG_20160120_141101990

Style: Like It
Fit/Cut: Like It

This was a surprise item, as I have noted I don’t want outerwear/everyday-wear jackets.  Jasmine called this a ‘blazer’ in her note, but it is definitely similar to a hoodie, as it is a high-quality sweatshirt material.  That being said, I had been looking for something to wear in the warm/cold transition, and this really fits the bill.  I just wore it out to the Orpheum Theatre last week and it was perfect in the cool, drizzly evening!

IMG_20160120_140056718    IMG_20160120_140108570

Verdict: Keeper!


Item 4:
Collective Concepts: Wasner Pullover Sweater (Off-White)
Size: XL
Price: $68.00



Style: Like It
Fit/Cut: Just OK

I have in my profile that I don’t like White items.  While this is labeled Off-White, I’d call it Oatmeal.  Regardless, this sweater does nothing for me and wasn’t terribly comfortable.  Also, seeing as it was already mid-January and I hadn’t worn a sweater once (aside from a sweater dress once), I don’t think I need to invest in any sweaters while I live in TN.  I updated my profile to say that.

IMG_20160120_140616153    IMG_20160120_140605804

Verdict: Returned


Item 5:
Karen Kane: Darlene Crochet Detail Pencil Skirt (Teal Green)
Size: XL
Price: $78.00



Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Hate It

On me, this was a mini skirt, not a pencil skirt.  I’m tall and at the 19.5″ of this skirt I was allllll legs – pasty, white legs.  I loved the colors and the crochet detail, they are very me – not too girly.  I also think the sizing on this skirt is off, it was more of a Large than XL – which is why you don’t get to see a front view!


I have pencil skirts of more appropriate lengths for me, like the one below.  I updated my notes to say I need something more like this at approximately 25″.


Verdict: Returned


Final Thoughts: For my 5th Fix I went 1/5 again, which is perfectly fine.  I really did splurge on my new jacket, but I really like it – the one snap closure is just so comfortable (especially after a dinner out!).  Jasmine is definitely trying, and listening, which is great.  I was interested in everything she selected, and if not for fit issues this would have been a 4/5 Fix!  I didn’t see as much color variation in this Fix as I would have liked, so I’m looking forward to that in my next Fix.  However, #POINTS for sending me something in my favorite color!

Enough from me, what do you think?  Did I keep/return the right items?  More importantly, are you ready to try Stitch Fix out for yourself?!?!  I’d love for you to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments for me – I’d love to hear from you!


I’m participating in a Stitch Fix review link-up! Click here to go to the original post by Maria from Crazy Together, who is hosting this link-up. There, you can explore lots of Stitch Fix reviews from women like you & me!


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4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: January 2016 – Fix #5

  1. I LOVED the green shirt and the jacket! The skirt was really cute, but you are right, much too short. Although, you made it look fabulous from the back 😉 Good pick keeping the jacket!!


  2. Loving that off-white sweater and the jacket. The jacket looks really great on you! The colors on that pencil skirt were really adorbs but I have to agree I too struggle with pencil skirts. The straight cut always makes them hike up in the rear. HAHA!


    1. LOL @ “hike up in the rear” = you totally called it! I will share that I have recently discovered love and perfection with the “Cassie” skirt from LuLaRoe!


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