Stitch Fix: February 2016 – Fix #6

All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post.

I forgot to take a picture of the box before I opened it, so this one is from last month when I had a very interested puppy.

Once again, I forgot to open the blinds when I took my pictures (it was dark & rainy anyway), so the colors didn’t come out so well.  I promise I have learned that lesson for March, sorry!

First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!


I stuck with Jasmine for my 6th Fix and I was not disappointed!  Again I asked for more color, and for skirts to wear to work (with a length stipulation).  I also asked for a specific leather tote for work.

Item 1:
Tracy Reese: Athena Printed Midi Skirt (Grey)
Size: XL
Price: $158.00



Style: Love It
Fit/Cut: Love It

Absolutely everything about this skirt was perfect, except for the price.  I hadn’t looked at the price sheet yet and was all set to keep it, and then huge disappointment set in.  Honestly, I loved the skirt, but I do not think it is worth the price tag – more like $58.00, as it was almost a sweatshirt material and on the thin side.  (The length was pretty great at about 29.5″.) 

Note: I admittedly had this skirt pinned on my Pinterest board, but didn’t know the price of it – which is a hazard of pinning.  I indicated in my feedback that I need to stick to my budget and my specified price points.


Verdict: Returned


Item 2:
Laila Jayde: Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top (Grey)
Size: XL
Price: $58.00



Style: Like It
Fit/Cut: Like It

There’s not really anything special about this top.  I did like it, but the material really isn’t great for TN Summers – it was sweater-ish.


As I was considering keeping the skirt at this point (w/o looking at the price), I felt I had a more comfortable top to wear in this one below from Old Navy (just like the plum top I wore in my 1st Fix pics).


Verdict: Returned


Item 3:
41Hawthorn: McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse (Jewel Tone Purple)
Size: XL
Price: $48.00



Style: Hate It
Fit/Cut: Like It

Note: My Pinterest board has a few pins that literally say “HATE” on them with some details about what I don’t like.  This lace detail trend is one of the things I do not like and have pinned with notes.  I have also updated my profile since this Fix to indicate “no lace.”

Aside from not liking the lace detail AT ALL, I loved both the color and material of this top.  This is a perfect fabric for TN Summers.  The color is one that I have been aching to see all along and I’m so glad I finally got to see it!  The price for this top was right on point.  However, like so many others, this shirt did not fit in the shoulders and was very tight across my bust. You can see in the front picture how it hangs straight off of my bust all the way down.

IMG_20160215_141256041    IMG_20160215_141305347

Verdict: Returned


Item 4:
Just USA: Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket (Blue)
Size: XL
Price: $58.00



Style: Just OK
Fit/Cut: Hate It

Once again I got an outerwear piece I didn’t ask for and don’t need.  I already own a denim jacket which I love, and I HATE this dark wash.  Jasmine had indicated in her notes that she was building outfits around the skirt and this added the fun night out aspect – which I can see.  It really isn’t my personal taste, however.  It also didn’t fit, in really odd ways.  The arms were plenty long, almost too long.  The waist was super short, which I really don’t like.  And, of course the upper arms and shoulders were super tight – there was no buttoning this jacket!

IMG_20160215_141451805    IMG_20160215_141417017

Verdict: Returned


Item 5:
Street Level: Parvin Colorblock Tote (Cognac)
Size: N/A
Price: $58.00



Style: Like It
Fit/Cut: Like It

This is the tote that I requested, only a variation.  The one I preferred was solid color white/camel reversible, seen here.  This one is camel/black and black solid reversible.  Both versions include the separate matching bag.  Regardless of the color combo, I like this a lot and it will be the perfect professional tote for work that I was looking for.

IMG_20160215_141637538    IMG_20160215_141756191

Verdict: Keeper!


Final Thoughts: I went 1/5 on my 6th Fix, but would have gone 2/5 if not for the price of that skirt!  Unlike last Fix, I wasn’t terribly happy with the four clothing items when I first pulled them out of the box, but then once I read Jasmine’s note with her ideas and started trying things on I was much more interested in them (still not the denim jacket).  I am sticking with Jasmine, as I am building a trust with her, which is helpful.  I’m still totally invested in this service for now, even though all of my Fixes have been 1/5.  For me, this is mainly due to fit issues, as I am at the tip top of their sizing.  But for an average or even small person, there is just so much variety available.  They even carry petite and maternity sizing!  I have also found that the anticipation of my monthly Fix is keeping me out of the stores, which is a major plus!

BONUS UPDATE: Remember these pants from Fix #3?  I had been watching them on Amazon and on Feb 14 they were on sale for $44.12, which is half off of the original price!  I had to jump on that sale – I was so on the fence about buying them in the first place.  I bought them in the larger 16/33 size than the 14/32 that was sent in my Fix and they fit just perfectly!  I’m so pleased I kept an eye on those!

Enough from me, what do you think?  Did I keep/return the right items?  More importantly, are you ready to try Stitch Fix out for yourself?!?!  I’d love for you to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments for me – I’d love to hear from you!


I’m participating in a Stitch Fix review link-up! Click here to go to the original post by Maria from Crazy Together, who is hosting this link-up. There, you can explore lots of Stitch Fix reviews from women like you & me!


Also, here!


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: February 2016 – Fix #6

  1. LOVED that skirt! I’m so disappointed in the price! I love Stitch Fix, but I will say they have not once sent me a box that accommodated my budget! I, however, am not as accurate or detailed with my profile or connected to pinterest like you are. You have this DOWN!

    I really liked the first shirt you had on, especially with the skirt! You looked great in that outfit.

    Agreed on the lace – I’m ok with a lace overlay, but not the sleeves like that. I can take lace in small doses 🙂

    The jean jacket was cute, but I agree with you, you don’t really need more than 1.

    The bag – I would never turn away a tote/purse/bag under any circumstances. But I also have a bag and shoe obsession! 🙂

    Yet again, great post! Thanks Miranda!


    1. You really have to be brutally honest with them – this isn’t about anyone’s feelings, it’s about your style preferences and building a wardrobe. I’ve also found that it does work best to revise my profile and my Pinterest after every single Fix in order to get the best tailored Fixes. Totally agree that diligence pays off there. I loved that first outfit so, so much – truly saddening! Thanks for your input!!! xo


  2. I found the tote to be rather expensive for the quality after receiving the same one (but in a different color coral/ and beige), in an accidental fix…post coming soon!! Although your color looks a lot better than mine😋


    1. I might have thought so too, had I not seen the “look alike” bags at Old Navy – talk about CHEAP! There is a similar quality bag (to the SF bag) at Target, which is also similarly priced.


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