Stitch Fix: November 2015 – Fix #3

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I’ve been trying for a few season-specific items, so I opted to get my next Fix ASAP, which just so happened to be within the same month as my last Fix.

First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a super affordable personal styling service for women.  Why use it?  Maybe you are too busy to spend much time shopping for yourself, maybe you’re fashion-impaired, like me, or maybe you just really like surprises!  It’s really cool because while you may have a stylist shopping for you, you still have a lot of input and control over what they select for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete your personal Style Profile – It’s pretty quick, but very thorough.

Step 2: Schedule your Fix – You’ll be able to schedule your fixes as needed, intermittently, or set up auto-shipments on a regular basis.  There is a $20 Styling Fee charged when your stylist selects items for your Fix, which also goes toward any purchases from the Fix.

Step 3: Try the 5 pieces on in YOUR home – in comfort and under real-life lighting!  The biggest bonus is that you have access to your entire wardrobe!

Step 4: Purchase what you like, return the rest – You have three days from receipt to decide what to keep and what to return.  Stitch Fix provides a pre-paid mailer bag that you can fill, seal, and drop in a USPS mailbox!  Note: If you keep all five items, you’ll get 25% off the entire shipment!

Step 5: Provide feedback – your opinion on all of the items in the Fix is important, this helps your stylist to improve your next Fix selections.

For more details & helpful tips to make your Fix a success, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!


This time around I decided to peek ahead of time to see what I was getting to see if that altered my experience at all.  I don’t have an iPhone, so I have to look at my online checkout to see what I was sent and just Google the descriptions to see what I could find out in advance.  I was only able to find 3/5, so there was still some surprise to be had.  I was very much looking forward to this shipment based on what I saw!

The Stylist for my 3rd Fix was Steph.  I think I really made her job relatively easy this time around because I listed one very specific item I wanted and detailed descriptions of others.  In her note to me she referenced how helpful she found those requests in combination with my previous feedback and my Pinterest board.

Item 1:
Loveappella: Deaver Shoulder Inset Knit Top (Burgundy)
Size: XL
Price: $58.00

IMG_20151119_144030223   IMG_20151119_143038396

This shirt is a knit with these faux suede details on the shoulders, around the neckline and at the wrists.


Style: Like
Fit/Cut: Just OK

This is an incredibly unforgiving material.  It hugged EVERYTHING.  Yuck!


I also confirmed with this top that in addition to wide shoulders & long arms, I also have a thick neck.  I’ve always had issues with 16″ necklaces looking cute on most girls but looking like a choker on me.  This shirt was digging into the front of my neck due to the way it was cut.

The color? I know I said last time no more navy/burgundy, and I put that in my notes, but here we are.  This time around I’m going to check the boxes on my profile for the colors navy/blue and burgundy, because this is getting ridiculous.

Seriously though, that faux suede is so incredibly buttery soft.  If I find the right top with that detail while I’m out & about someday, it’s mine!

Verdict: Returned

Similar items found here, here & here.

Item 2:
Look by M: Cliff Checkered Woven Infinity Scarf (Burgundy)
Size: N/A
Price: $34.00



This is a lot of scarf.  I feel it should be classified as a blanket infinity!



Style: Just OK
Fit/Cut: Like

I asked for a plaid scarf in great Fall colors that looks good from either side, since the one from Fix #2 had an ugly back side. I feel like this scarf only checked one of those boxes: it looks good from either side.  Again, I got a burgundy item.  It also has gray, cream & tan, but this feels more Winter than Fall to me.  I’m not thrilled about the price either.  For a scarf it feels pretty high.  Otherwise, I generally liked the scarf – it’s light & soft.

Verdict: Keeper!

I honestly wasn’t going to keep this, but Matt liked it once I showed it to him.  This one will make more sense later…  For my next fix I again stated that I want a PLAID scarf (stated in caps just like that).  This one is checkered, not plaid.

Similar items found here & here.

Item 3:
Market & Spruce: Chaplin Lined Hooded Anorak Jacket (Olive)
Size: XL
Price: $94.00



Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Just OK


This is the one item I asked for specifically.  I’d seen it on so many reviews and fell in love with the style.  I’m also thinking ahead to my first Winter in TN and needing a more in-between coat to my current versions of Fall & Winter from Chicago & Pittsburgh.  I saw this was coming and just couldn’t contain myself.

Sadly, when I put it on I found that I am once again plagued with fit issues!  The arms were plenty long, which was surprising, considering how very tight the upper arms were.  The shirt I was wearing was a light sweater, which would be the right garment for the season.  I just don’t understand why something meant to be worn over thicker clothing would be cut so narrow.  The shoulders were also tight – another area where Tall sizing would benefit me.

Everything else about this jacket was perfect – it’s beautiful!  The price was right.  The hood was removable.  The materials are quality, and soft.  The inside liner is a nice black & white stripe.  The color is perfect – I even like the orange detail around the zipper!  But…I can’t make it fit.

Verdict: Returned

Similar items found here & here.

Item 4:
Two Thirty One: Storm Open Front Cardigan (Off-White)
Size: XL
Price: $68.00



Style: Hate
Fit/Cut: Hate


I’m using the 4-letter word on this one: HATE.  This is the ugliest cardigan I’ve ever had the displeasure to put on.  The word dowdy comes to mind.  I felt like a grandma while wearing it and I’m not old enough to feel like that!  I was especially annoyed with this item because for the last two Fixes I have asked for more color and as of the last Fix I asked for no more navy blue.

I am updating my notes to indicate that any cardigans should be solid or color block only and I prefer jewel tones.  Send me some magenta, bright purple or emerald!

The worst thing about this item was that in the Stylist’s note to me she said that it reminded her of something on my Pinterest board.  To which I replied in my feedback, “Whatever it was needs to be deleted immediately!”  And wouldn’t you know, I perused my board and found nothing remotely similar.  Whose board was she looking at when she was styling my Fix?

Verdict: Returned

Similar item found here.

Item 5:
Liverpool: Reagan Skinny Pant (Olive)
Size: 14/32
Price: $88.00



Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Love


In addition to a lighter Winter jacket, I’m looking for great olive-colored pants.  I know – based on photos – which ones I want, and they are listed in my note to my Stylist, and have been since prior to Fix #2.

These are not those pants, but they were still an interesting surprise.  For one thing, there’s no zipper.  While they are a size smaller than my black Liverpools from my first Fix, they actually fit about the same with all of the extra elasticity.  They were also longer than the other pair, which was awesome!


The other thing that was out of the ordinary for me is that these aren’t solid olive, they are an olive/black chevron print.  While I didn’t hate that fact, and I definitely liked the fit, I just don’t think I’d wear them enough to justify the price.  I really waffled on whether to keep these, but ultimately decided not to because I found the same pair for the same price on Amazon – I can always change my mind later.

For my next Fix I’m explicitly asking for the brand that I am coveting and to not send any pants otherwise – there’s not point in wasting space in the box!

Verdict: Returned

Identical item found here.

Foreseeing that my request for olive pants was going to take a while, I did pick up some green pants to fill the need until I find what I’m looking for.  They aren’t olive, but they’ll work for several items in my closet.  They are more of a legging – not quite the durability I’m looking for in the olive pants.


Fun Fact: The burgundy pants I’m wearing in the above photos are my new Buffalo brand skinny pants I got for $20 at Costco!

Final Thoughts: I went 1/5 on my third Fix, keeping with the trend.  I was seriously considering going 0/5 and forfeiting the styling fee credit.  I’ve read where other bloggers/customers are doing that because otherwise you’re sort of telling the Stitch Fix algorithms that you like something that you don’t actually like when you keep it just to use the credit.  And you’re not just not losing your credit, you’re also out the extra however many dollars difference in the cost of the item you keep.  This is something I will seriously consider in the future.  I don’t really see keeping the scarf this time as a mistake, I believe I will wear it – my knee jerk reaction was to not like it because it wasn’t what I wanted to see, and it’s off-season color-wise.

As for going 1/5 three Fixes in a row and still working to get my stylist to understand me/my wants, I’m not discouraged.  I know I’m picky, so I never expected to go 3+/5 regularly like some people do.  Besides, with each successive Fix I’m also learning more about myself and my tastes, as well as being introduced to new styles (printed pants) and textures (faux suede) that I like.  Looking forward to Fix #4 in early December!

Regarding Photos: I invested in an inexpensive tripod and Bluetooth shutter trigger for my cellphone so that I could set up to take photos in a location with better lighting without a mirror.  I think these are much better than my dim bedroom photos.  Although, I did notice that a few of them turned out a bit grainy and I’m not sure why, so I’ll need to play with it a bit more.  Thoughts?

Enough from me, what do you think?  Did I keep/return the right items?  More importantly, are you ready to try Stitch Fix out for yourself?!?!  I’d love for you to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments for me – I’d love to hear from you!


I’m participating in a Stitch Fix review link-up! Click here to go to the original post by Maria from Crazy Together, who is hosting this link-up. There, you can explore lots of Stitch Fix reviews from women like you & me!


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