Stitch Fix: November 2015 – Fix #2

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First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a super affordable personal styling service for women.  Why use it?  Maybe you are too busy to spend much time shopping for yourself, maybe you’re fashion-impaired, like me, or maybe you just really like surprises!  It’s really cool because while you may have a stylist shopping for you, you still have a lot of input and control over what they select for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete your personal Style Profile – It’s pretty quick, but very thorough.

Step 2: Schedule your Fix – You’ll be able to schedule your fixes as needed, intermittently, or set up auto-shipments on a regular basis.  There is a $20 Styling Fee charged when your stylist selects items for your Fix, which also goes toward any purchases from the Fix.

Step 3: Try the 5 pieces on in YOUR home – in comfort and under real-life lighting!  The biggest bonus is that you have access to your entire wardrobe!

Step 4: Purchase what you like, return the rest – You have three days from receipt to decide what to keep and what to return.  Stitch Fix provides a pre-paid mailer bag that you can fill, seal, and drop in a USPS mailbox!  Note: If you keep all five items, you’ll get 25% off the entire shipment!

Step 5: Provide feedback – your opinion on all of the items in the Fix is important, this helps your stylist to improve your next Fix selections.

For more details & helpful tips to make your Fix a success, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!

Before I begin, my apologies: I know I need to fix my picture quality, and I really tried this time! I waited until the day after I got my box to take photos, I waited all day long for sunlight, but it wasn’t meant to be.  It was so rainy all week and never let up, so I had to do photos in my bedroom in dim light again.  I have a plan to improve this situation for the next Fix!

My Stylist for this Fix was Rachel.  While she obviously read my style profile and notes for this fix, I’m not convinced she went as far as my Pinterest board or really took my comments to heart.  She tried to fulfill one wish, but missed the mark completely…you’ll see it a bit later.

For this fix I asked for some olive pants or leggings to wear with my riding boots.  I also asked for “Color!” as in, not just a box full of navy (which I love, but own a lot of), and stressed my desire for cardigans.  Let’s take a look at what I received…

Item 1:
Echo: Corbin Honeycomb Knit Infinity Scarf – Light Gray
Size: OSFA
Price: $28

IMG_20151031_123426412   IMG_20151027_163142577_HDR

Here is a close-up of the pattern:


Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Love


I’ve never owned an accessory scarf before.  Nope.  Not one.  Being a scarf virgin, I think this is a great first scarf.  I love the basic colors!  And, of course, an infinity scarf is about the easiest thing to wear.  The only tricky thing about this scarf is that there is a back to the scarf/pattern that isn’t very pretty, so I may be fighting how it lays just a bit.

Verdict:  Keeping!


Matt also really liked this scarf. [Which is like bonus points in an item’s favor!] I tried it with a new Target purchase, this green tunic sweater, and I just think it will go with so many things.  I repeat, great first scarf!

Identical item found here & here.

Item 2:
Collective Concepts: Leffert Tie Sleeve Blouse – Burgundy
Size: XL
Price: $68


IMG_20151027_163421010   IMG_20151027_163451032

Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Dislike

This is such a great blouse with these lovely tie sleeves and embroidery detail cut outs. When I opened my box this is the item I had the most optimism for.  It’s a great Fall color, it’s thin material – but not see through – and the cut outs were just right so that you could still wear a regular bra with it!


I tried it on with my Buffalo boyfriends and liked that combo pretty well.  The sleeves turned out to be a bit short on me.  And I had another problem…


The waist has no give whatsoever.  In the above picture I am very firmly pulling the “excess” material out from my hip.  There may have been two inches of room, tops.


And then, when I turned around after the “sit test” I found that the waist and extra material just sat on top of my butt in a heap.  Not so flattering.

Verdict:  Returned

As I said, I really wanted this one to work out.  The fit was not great at all.  It was also snug when trying to take it off, and with all of the other tightness around the waist, chances are good that at some point I’d rip a seam.  It’s great that Stitch Fix offers Petite sizing, but why oh why don’t they offer Tall sizing? /sadface

Similar items found here, here & here.

Item 3:
RD Style: Salli Marled Split Back Knit Top – Navy
Size: XL
Price: $58


Front & Back:

IMG_20151027_163323699  IMG_20151027_163334836

Style: OK
Fit/Cut: OK

IMG_20151027_164441726  IMG_20151027_164449016

This is one of those things that is plainly written in my profile: I never want to show off my butt.  So what possessed my Stylist to send this is beyond me.  I layered it with a navy & white striped Merona tank from Target, and some navy leggings.  I mean, it works as a layering piece, but it’s still not me.


And OMG the arms!  I felt claustrophobic in these sleeves, they felt like leggings on my arms and would not push up.  I can’t have sleeves that do this, I find it completely uncomfortable

Verdict:  Returned

All said, I think the sizing on this top is off, this really felt more like a Large.  This shirt is okay for someone who doesn’t mind their buns being a major focal point, but that someone is not me.

Identical item found here.  Similar items found here, here, here here.

Item 4:
Olive & Oak: Baba Airy Knit Sweater – Off-White
Size: XL
Price: $78


When I pulled this piece out of the box it was the one I was pretty sure I disliked the most and literally said “I don’t even want to try this on” to Matt.  [He agreed.] I also thought this piece was a head scratcher since I stated in my profile that I need lighter materials because I get hot quickly. 


Style: Like
Fit/Cut: Like


I kept on the same navy leggings and striped tank from the last top to try with this sweater.  Honestly, I didn’t expect this combo to work; I was being lazy and just wanted to get the photographing over with.


However, this baby turned out to be the ‘dark horse’ of the Fix!  I was actually really digging the look, as well as the weight/feel of the sweater – being an open knit it is a lot lighter than a full coverage cable knit sweater.  I especially liked how the print of my tank showed through.  However, the color is wrong for me.  I have clearly marked on my profile to NOT send me white items, and this is obviously white.

Verdict:  Returned

I have a few other open knit sweaters than I can accomplish a similar look with, and they are in colors I’m more comfortable with.  Also, for the price and how rarely I’d probably pull this out to wear, considering the Winter in Memphis is a lot shorter than it is in Chicago, I couldn’t justify keeping it.

Identical item found here.

Item 5:
Henry & Belle: Abana Skinny Jean – Olive
Size: 14
Price: $174


IMG_20151027_162954321   IMG_20151027_163013331

Style: N/A
Fit/Cut: N/A

These were obviously not my size.  The tag said “super stretch” on them, so I gave it a shot.  A hysterical, laughable shot.  And the color.  The color is not in any way, by any stretch, olive.  They were a medium gray wash.

Verdict:  Returned

Besides the fact that there was no way they’d ever fit, did you see the price?  [If not, go ahead and scroll back up, I’ll wait…]  Yeah, that’s not ever happening.  I have all of my settings set to “cheapest” so, again, I don’t know what possessed my Stylist to send these.  I was quite blunt in my feedback that they should never send me jeans like this again.  There are few items that I would ever consider paying that kind of money for – like a fancy dress or a heavy-use Winter coat.  Yet again, an instance where perusing my Pinterest board would have been helpful – I had several pairs pinned in the color I am looking for.

Similar item found…nowhere, because no one needs to spend that much on pants!  Interestingly, I found a blog post where someone received these in a Fix exactly 1 year ago in black and they were $148.  Arbitrary pricing much?!

Final thoughts: I went 1/5 on this, my second Fix. I’m super thrilled with my scarf and can’t wait to wear it out!  I’m going to have to brush up my request notes a bit.  I had asked for “Color!” in this fix, and the most colorful items were the scarf (doesn’t really count in my book) and the burgundy top (which was on the dark side).  I am really looking for those brighter Fall colors, like the jewel-tones: Emerald, Magenta, Deep Bright Purple, Mustard – colors that pop!  I’m also going to further amend my request for olive pants to a very specific brand/style, so we’ll see what happens.  I’m still feeling good about the service, I love that it has my style gears turning so actively.  My third Fix has been scheduled!

Enough from me, what do you think?  Did I keep/return the right items?  More importantly, are you ready to try Stitch Fix out for yourself?!?!  I’d love for you to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments for me – I’d love to hear from you!


I’m participating in a Stitch Fix review link-up! Click the image below to go to the original post by Maria from Crazy Together, who is hosting this link-up and running a giveaway!  There, you can explore lots of Stitch Fix reviews from women like you & me!


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: November 2015 – Fix #2

  1. Great scarf! I received the same airy knit sweater but returned it, as well. I’ve been asking for more color, too. They seem to send me a LOT of blue. I like blue but variety is good and you are right about all the beautiful jewel tones out there. I think persistence in your notes to the stylist is key, so hopefully you’ll see more color next Fix.


  2. My second fix was a relatively big bust, so to speak – but I gave some more detailed, more than before, feedback and talked about the shape of my body – big bust and hourglass shape can make some things look like a TENT — not what I am going for… and so, I peaked on the app on my current fix. I cannot tell you how ON POINT the items that are coming are! Try again!! 🙂


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