Rocksbox: Set #2 (October 2015)


Rocksbox is what happens when Stitch Fix & Netflix have a baby!

Sign up, fill out your profile, add 12-15 items to your wishlist, and wait for your first set to arrive!

And then…

  • Wear the jewelry on loan as much as you want.
  • Get a new set by returning your set in the original packaging w/ prepaid label.
  • Love a piece? Rocksbox will charge you for what you kept when they process your returned box, and that piece is now yours forever!

For more details on how the service works, check out this post.

Let’s take a look at my second set!


In my personal note, my Stylist for this set, Jenna, indicated that she selected a necklace from my wishlist and built a set around that.

Item 1:
Bella Boutique: Diana Long Pear Pendant in Silver Blue Cat’s Eye
Price: $81  $64


Style: Like
Fit: Love

This necklace has definite potential.  It is a heavy pendant on a long chain – so long that it hit me halfway between the girls & my navel.  Matt commented that he felt it was too long.  I liked the delicate silver chain on this piece, as you usually see a much chunkier chain on something so big/heavy.  I even liked the length of it, no matter what the man said.  I actually laughed at him and said, “It’s supposed to be that long.”


However, this piece really showed how much it had been worn previously (see above).  It had horizontal scratches all across one side of the stone and lots of other little scuffs on both the stone and the casing.  I seriously debated whether I wanted to keep this piece, and maybe try contacting customer service for either a replacement or an additional discount due to the damage.  Ultimately it came down to how often I’d actually be reaching for this piece vs. the cost of it.  I have Stella & Dot pieces I paid a pretty penny for that I wear quite frequently, and this piece is approaching that cost, but I just didn’t see myself reaching for this too often.  I decided to just send this piece back.

Similar necklace found here.

Item 2:
Wanderlust + Co: Arrow Crystal Silver Ring (adjustable)
Price: $39   $31


Style: Like
Fit: Dislike

I really love the idea of this ring!  It’s super cute and adjustable, and the small amount of sparkle actually doesn’t bother me.


Sadly, this ring doesn’t love me.  Let’s face it, I have man hands.  I usually wear a size 10 ring on my ring finger, which I’m guessing most of you can’t even wear on your thumb.  Even though it was adjustable, it was only adjustable to a point – any farther and you can no longer tell it’s an arrow for the nearly 1″ gap between the ends.  There’s nothing cuter than a ring that gives you finger muffin top, am I right?

Side Note: Being the tall/broad girl that I am, anytime I put on something that should fit in theory, but so totally doesn’t in reality, I always sing in my head “fat guy in a little coat” a la Chris Farley. In fact, I just did it again yesterday when I tried on an awesome green plaid shirt at Target.  Sad, sad stuff.  However, thank goodness for stores that at least carry Tall sizing online, like Old Navy.


Seeing as I wasn’t comfortable expanding the ring any farther than I already had in order to get it all the way onto my ring finger, I tried my pinky instead.  It fit, but that’s really all I can say.  I’m not a pinky ring kind of girl – I rarely wear rings as it is.  And, again, for the price I just couldn’t justify this.  If it had a bit more metal on it so that it would fit my ring finger and still be distinguishable as an arrow, I’d have been SOLD!  Unfortunately, this piece had to go back.

Similar ring found here.

Item 3:
Urban Gem: Zig Zag Ear Climbers in Silver
Price: $32  $25


Style: Dislike
Fit: Like

Sorry for the blurry picture, photographing your own ear is tough.

I like ear climbers, just not these. The zig zag shape is on the edgy side and definitely not my style in any way.  Matt hated these so much that he had a hard time saying he’d like any ear climbers, ever.  What was worse is that the metal was so cheap and flimsy.  It wasn’t just the hook part, but also the zig zag part – it was all just incredibly cheap and with the $10 Shine Insider discount (if I thought I’d ever wear them), the material was not worth $15 when I could find cheaper, sturdier ones elsewhere.  That said, these went back.

Similar earrings found here.

Final Verdict: Once again, I sent everything back.  And, again, this was a great set that, for one reason or another, just wasn’t good enough to warrant a purchase.  Huge bummer on that ring!  Also, in my feedback from my first box I specifically requested something in turquoise, and have a few such pieces on my wishlist.  With that in mind, I’m not convinced this second Stylist spent much time reviewing my feedback before putting this set together.

Full disclosure: I went to Kohl’s prior to receiving this set and purchased several necklaces and two pairs of earrings for the total of what Rocksbox charges for one necklace – that is much more my speed when it comes to jewelry.

I am thankful for the ability to try this service free for a month because it helped me to better understand my style, needs and consumer attitude toward jewelry purchasing.  This is a great service for the right kind of girl, but I now firmly believe I am not that girl.  I’m very much a basic accessories for a great low price kind of girl, so I’m happy sticking to Kohl’s, Etsy, etc. for my jewelry needs.  I have placed my account with Rocksbox on hold for 6 months, which I can reactivate at any time if I change my mind, or close completely.

If you want to try Rocksbox out for the first month for FREE, sign up using my referral code mirandabff70. [If you use my code I’ll also get a $25 credit toward purchases should I choose to reactivate my account. Only the first 3 users of my code will get their first month free, but you can either search for blogs listing another code to try, or just try mine again on the first of the next month.]


P.S. Remember, you can click on any image to enlarge it!


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