Rocksbox: What It Is + Review #1 (Oct 2015)


I recently revealed that I’d signed up for a free month of Rocksbox to see if this would be a good option for me.  I received my first set a week ago and I’m ready to tell you about it…


It was Molly over at Still Being Molly who described it best…

Rocksbox would be if Stitch Fix and Netflix had a baby… but with jewelry. – See more at:

First, you sign up [the cost is $19/mo for the rentals, there are details at the end of this post on how to get your first month FREE!], complete your jewelry style profile, and peruse the jewelry gallery to add at least 15 items to your wishlist.  Then, in about a week, a Stylist will review your profile & wishlist and send you 3 pieces to try/rent/buy (a la Stitch Fix).  You are basically renting the pieces until you decide to send them back (a la Netflix).  Note: Shipping is free, both ways!

Don’t destroy the outer packaging, you’ll need it later!

You can conceivably get 2-3 boxes (called sets) of ‘rocks’ a month if you immediately try on, decide on and then return each set you get.  Or, you can give the pieces a ‘test drive’, wear them as long as you like, then return them for a new set, or buy any combination of the pieces while returning the rest.  Rocksbox gives you $10/mo in credit to put toward any jewelry you wish to keep (purchase), and the pieces are discounted from their original retail price (called ‘Shine Insider’ discount).

It comes in this incredibly adorable box with a bow closure!

The checkout process is just like Stitch Fix, you rate and comment on each piece, indicate whether you are keeping or returning them, then return the package.  Note: You have to be sure to keep and not damage the original packaging, because you’ll use this to return the set when you are ready.  Just place the set within the box inside the bag, place the return label over the original label, peel off the self-sealing strip to seal, and drop in any mailbox!

Let’s take a look at my first set!

You get a style card, much like Stitch Fix, with a personal note from your Stylist.  There are also instructions on what to do next, and a little info on Rocksbox.

Each item comes in its own bag.  Some pieces are also accompanied by a care card.  The card inside the Kendra Scott bag indicated that the bag itself is a cleaning cloth for the piece inside – how neat!

In my personal note, my Stylist for my first set, Kathy N., indicated that she chose a bracelet from my wishlist and built a complete set around that.

Item 1:
Gorjana: Elea Cuff in Silver
Price: $135 $108


Style: Love
Fit: Love

I. Love. This. Bracelet.  Almost everything about this is perfect – lightweight, simple silver design, adjustable, doesn’t catch on clothes.  But the price?  Nope, nope, nope.  I am willing to pay that for the right item, I just couldn’t convince myself this was it.  But that is the perfect bracelet for me, and I’ll be on the lookout for more like it.  I need adjustable bracelets like this one because I have big hands/wrists and bangles tend not to fit.

Item 2:
Kendra Scott: Elisa Silver Necklace in Platinum Drusy
Price: $65  $52


Style: Like
Fit: Dislike

Surprisingly, I really liked this necklace.  A lot.  I’m really digging this sort of sparkly silver pyrite look right now, and this piece fits into that category nicely.  The big problem that pushed me over the edge into sending it back was the chain length.  There was a 2″ extender on the chain and in the photo above I have the clasp on the last possible link, yet it’s still just barely not a choker.  The photo is deceiving, it looks like it is laying comfortably under the curve of my neck, but I assure you, I wasn’t comfortable with the fit of this necklace.  If the chain were longer to begin with and I had some wiggle room, this would totally have been a keeper.  [Note: I gave feedback that I’m concerned about getting a lot of wasted pieces in my sets because the chain length isn’t included anywhere on the item descriptions.]

Item 3:
Sophie Harper: Pavé Dagger Studs in Silver
Price: $35  $28


Style: Dislike
Fit: N/A

These are just totally not me, so I didn’t even take them off of the card.  I 100% do not do ‘bling’ and that’s what pavé is to me.  I’m also not a fan of post earrings; I like hooks or bars best – easy on, easy off.  This was an obvious no for me.  [I did write ‘no bling’ in my profile, but maybe my Stylist didn’t see this as bling? Sorry, but I do and that’s what counts. Feedback given.]

Final Verdict: While I think the set looked great together (for the right person) and I did like two of the pieces, all 3 pieces were returned.  This is my first free month, and I’m gunning for a keeper!  I wanted to get the first set returned as quickly as possible to maximize the potential for a keeper in set #2 and to use my free $10 Shine Spend credit before it expires!

Stay tuned…

One last note…as a rule, I don’t get myself into things that aren’t easy to get out of.  Some of these subscription services are borderline scammy with their “you have to call our 800 number to cancel” wishy wash.  Rocksbox is easy to cancel at any time – just go to your Account Details page, select ‘Update Profile’, and then select “Cancel Shine Insider” at the bottom of the page.


If you want to try Rocksbox out for the first month for FREE, sign up using my referral code mirandabff70. [If you use my code I’ll also get a $25 credit toward purchases! Only the first 3 users of my code will get their first month free, but you can either search for blogs listing another code to try, or just try mine again on Nov. 1st.]


P.S. Remember, you can click on any image to enlarge it!


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