Stitch Fix: Fix Reveal #1 – October 2015

All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post.


It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!  I’ve been eagerly awaiting my first Fix and have been super busy pinning away on my inspiration board on Pinterest.  I’m just so excited to finally get to experience for myself what I’ve been reading about for so long.  Enough fan-girling, here we go!

First, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a super affordable personal styling service for women.  Why use it?  Maybe you are too busy to spend much time shopping for yourself, maybe you’re fashion-impaired, like me, or maybe you just really like surprises!  It’s really cool because while you may have a stylist shopping for you, you still have a lot of input and control over what they select for you.

For lots of details on how the service works & helpful tips to make your Fix a success, check out this post!

Now for the reveal!


I was a really, really good girl and didn’t peek at what I was getting ahead of time.  I’ll probably peek in the future, for my own logical reasons – even though I do love surprise mail – but for this first box I wanted to be completely blindfolded until I opened the box.  Then, when I finally opened the box, I made a point not to look at the price list until I had tried everything on and made all of my notes.  I wanted to give the items my full attention without trying to find things wrong with them while the price tags were floating around in the back of my mind.

For this first Fix my stylist was Alexis.  After reviewing the items in the box and the note from my stylist, my first thoughts were pretty darn positive.  It appears as though she did look at my Pinterest board and take my profile into consideration.  However, I did immediately note that there wasn’t much fun Fall color included – lots of black & navy.

Item 1:
Pixley: Abi Colorblock Maxi Dress (Navy w/ Green)
Size: XL
Price: $88

IMG_20151005_194536435_HDR   IMG_20151005_210106364_HDR

Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Don’t Like

This dress was solid colorblock in navy & kelly green (green is my favorite color!!!).  It has an empire waist, which I had noted works well for me in dresses, and a V-neckline.  The waist has a fabric band across it, and before putting it on it looked super droopey and awful, but while wearing the dress it looks perfectly normal (see below).  I did, however, find the elastic under this band to be too tight.  It dug into my abdomen a bit too much for comfort, but I imagine it would loosen over time.


Now, I don’t typically like a deep V-neck on shirts and dresses because I’m not big-busted and I usually end up fighting to keep it from drooping open and showing off my bra (I mention this on my Pinterest board).  However, this one really works because the fabric reaches so far from one side to the other, creating just enough tension to prevent droopage.

I really loved this dress because it was long enough to hit just a teensy bit above the floor.  I’m a tall girl at 5’10”, and this is a difficult feat for my clothes!  The bust fit perfectly and the armholes were perfect, no peeky bra!  However, the drape of the lower portion of the dress didn’t start soon enough.  There wasn’t any extra fabric around my natural waist area, so it super-hugged my tummy and showed off my perpetually-pregnant midsection far too much for my taste. [Note: I am not now, nor have I ever been pregnant.  This is where I carry 70% of my extra weight, and, yes, it’s as awful as it sounds.] 

IMG_20151005_193650005   IMG_20151005_193837659

My stylist suggested wearing this dress for a date night and pairing it with a denim jacket, as it is Fall.  That sounds great to me, with only one problem: I don’t own a denim jacket (YET!).  I tried it with a long white cardigan, and felt that was kind of meh.  For one thing, the white didn’t match the white in the dress, the dress is somewhere between white & ecru.  I also felt it needed the jean jacket, or a smaller, more fitted cardigan, something that hit me around the hip, approximately 12″ higher than my cardigan did.  This one totally obscures the beautiful colorblocking!


A weird thing I noticed is how badly the pattern didn’t match up on one side of the dress.  Someone else had the exact same issues with it, so I won’t bother to post my pictures of it, but you can read about it here.  I’ve read of other Fixers being picky about the pattern meeting up, which I’m generally not, but this was a HUGE difference.  Either they should both meet, or they should both be off by an equal amount.  I’ve considered it could be an issue that is size-specific, as the pattern on size S dresses is cut quite differently.

Verdict:  Returned

Ultimately, for the price of the dress, I cannot justify hanging this in my closet until I get something to wear over it, or only being able to wear it when I can wear something over it (not Summer in TN!) because of the ill-fitting tummy.  This is one of those times when being at the top of their sizing range hinders me; if it were available one size larger it might be perfect.  Alas…

Shop this look! I found similar items here & here!

Item 2:
Market & Spruce: Corinna Striped Dolman Top (Grey)
Size: XL
Price: $48

IMG_20151005_200623076   IMG_20151005_210049052_HDR

Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Don’t Like

I like a good dolman sleeved top, and I wanted to love this one.  Right out of the box it was soft, neutral colored, and I could tell the upper arms would be loose enough for my chunky upper arms.  But…horizontal stripes.  And saggy fabric.  Do you see where this is going? The perpetually preggo tummy strikes again!  Only worse. This didn’t look good from any angle.

IMG_20151005_195110505   IMG_20151005_195056541

I did love the shaping of the bottom of this top – higher at the hips, rounded on the front & back.  It was so very soft when it came out of the box, then I put it on and it was OH SO ITCHY!  I have no idea how it felt soft but ended up itchy, but it did.  I couldn’t wait to take this off.

Verdict: Returned

I’m trying to reduce the size/appearance of my midsection, not emphasize it!  This was an obvious no once I put it on.

Shop this look! I found similar items here, here, & here!

Item 3:
Liverpool: Anita Skinny Pant (Black)
Size: 16/33
Price: $78

IMG_20151005_195158359_HDR   IMG_20151005_195235722   IMG_20151005_210123037_HDR

Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Like

I have never worn or owned skinny pants.  Ever.  So this is a perfect example of getting me outside of my comfort zone and it being successful!  These pants fit great, the only thing I wish is if they were a bit more snug below the knee – being skinnies – but they are still totally wearable.  These do seem to fit me more like a straight leg, but I think that’s because of my body shape.  I wear a bigger size due to my stomach and wide hips, but I don’t have a big butt or thighs/legs, so it’s tricky to get things to fit perfectly.

My stylist told me to wear these with the dolman top and riding boots.  Did she mean black boots?  I don’t own any and that would have been black on black on black.  I have brown, so I tried that and I thought it looked stupid.  Matt agreed.  I’d never wear that outfit with riding boots.  I tried my flats (above) and my booties, both looked much better.

IMG_20151005_195916329  IMG_20151005_195412626

I also put on my own clothing & accessories with the pants to show Matt I had things to wear with them (sueded cocoon top from Old Navy & Bianca lariat in silver from Stella & Dot).


Verdict: Keeping!

One thing I thought was funny when reviewing all of my pictures later was that I think these make me look shorter.  Yes? No?

I had Matt giving me his opinion on everything and when I got to these and was doing the 360-view, it was when I showed him the back that he went “yeah, those look really good!”  😉

Shop this look! I found similar items here & here!

Item 4:
Romolo: Bullard Pyrite Stone Necklace
Size: n/a
Price: $34


Style: Don’t Like
Fit/Cut: Like

I am picky about jewelry.  I hate and do not own any gold pieces, so I was very careful to indicate silver only on my profile.  So imagine my disappointment to receive my first necklace in my first Fix and have it be more black than anything I’d ever call silver.

My stylist suggested I wear it with both of the pieces shown in the pictures.  It absolutely does not in any way match or go with the dress.  And with the striped top, it’s nearly invisible it “matches” so well.


Verdict: Returned

I seriously considered keeping this, as it does have great potential.  BUT, the way it is beaded, the stones are stationary and don’t slide, so it will likely be asymmetrical and mess with my OCD.  And the materials didn’t seem like the greatest quality.  If I don’t LOVE it, I’m not keeping it.

Shop this look! I found a similar item here!

Item 5:
Skies Are Blue: Gabi Split Neck Blouse (Navy)
Size: XL
Price: $34

IMG_20151005_200720505   IMG_20151005_210031883_HDR

Style: Love
Fit/Cut: Hate

This was the item in my Fix that made me the saddest.  There are no pictures of me wearing it because it didn’t fit.  I was able to “put it on”, by which I mean get it on my body.  I have broad shoulders and once it was on I couldn’t relax them at all, like, AT ALL.  I’d have maybe taken a hilarious picture of this if I had been able to bring my arms together close enough to hold a camera.  As it were, I had to have Matt come in and help me take it off so that it didn’t get destroyed.

All of that drama aside, I LOVED this top.  Again, I’m hindered by being at the top of the sizing range.  If it had fit or if I could get it one size up, I would keep it and wear it forever!  It was this lovely silky material, but solid enough to hide your bra.  It also had these cute little arm detail cut-outs with matching buttons.


When Matt came in the room to help me take it off he even mentioned how much he liked the shirt.  So then I was extra sad that I couldn’t keep it.

Verdict: Returned 😦

The price, oh the price!  Remember I said I didn’t look at the prices until AFTER I had tried everything on and made all of my notes?  When I finally looked at the price sheet I was sad all over again, as the price point for such an adorable shirt was so perfect!

Shop this look! I found similar items here & here!

Final thoughts…

Even though I went 1/5 on this Fix, I consider it very successful.  For one thing, except for the necklace, I was very interested in all of the pieces straight out of the box.  Also, if it weren’t for sizing issues I may have been 3/5 on the Fix.  I’ve read in a few places that Stitch Fix considers 1-2 items purchased a success, so we should never feel bad if that’s all we end up purchasing.  This Fix was also successful in getting me to think hard about my style and my preferences.  I’ve already determined a few changes I want to make to my profile (no necklaces, more color!) and have been updating my Pinterest board for my next session.

Regarding this blogging experience, it’s exhausting.  A ton of work goes into one of these posts, and I don’t know if I could do it and a million other things full time.  Bloggers who do are amazing!  I took my pictures at night in my bedroom.  I’m aware the lighting and color in the pictures sucks.  Next time I may wait until the next day to take my pictures while there’s a lot more natural light available.  I also wish I had a wider mirror, but I’m not sure I really want to do anything about that just yet.

Enough about me, what do you think?  Did I keep/return the right items for the right reasons?  More importantly, are you ready to try Stitch Fix out for yourself?!?!  I’d love for you to use my referral link, as I’ll get a $25 credit towards my Fixes when your first Fix ships.  Please let me know if you have any questions for me.  Comments are welcome too!


P.S. I’m also going to be trying out Rocksbox!  I’ve seen it described as “if Netflix & Stitch Fix had a baby and all they had was jewelry,” which is pretty accurate.  I’ll tell you all about it when I get my first shipment, but if you want to try it out for the first month for FREE, sign up using my referral code mirandabff70. [If you use my code I’ll also get a $25 credit toward purchases! Only the first three users of the code will get the first month free, you can search blogs for another code to try, or try mine again on Nov. 1st, so sorry!]

I’m participating in a Stitch Fix review link-up! Click the image below to go to the original post by Maria from Crazy Together, who is hosting this link-up and running a giveaway!  There, you can explore lots of Stitch Fix reviews from women like you & me!


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: Fix Reveal #1 – October 2015

  1. Hi Miranda, I’m part of the Link-Up, as well. I think you made a great choice keeping the pants! I’ve had similar fit issues with SF and I’m trying to communicate as much as I can with them in my Profile and Fix feedback to help them choose better fitting pieces for me. I hope you like your future Fixes, too!


    1. Thanks so much! I think I’ve read about 500 reviews leading up to my first Fix, so I’m learning quickly how best to indicate my preferences. Luckily I’m not too shy about being brutally honest in my feedback! LOL Hopefully all of my diligence pays off in equally successful Fixes! 🙂 -miranda

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  2. I got the same pants in my Fix, they look great, but the waist stretched so much that they nearly fell off after 30 mins. I’m checking to see if they have a smaller size. We are the same size on top. I also have very broad shoulders and a big bust. It’s great getting tops that fit from SF. Thank you for sharing your pics-you look great!!!


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