Stitch Fix: Coming Soon! (and How To)

Stitch Fix is coming… (said in the voice of Ned Stark)

My first Fix is scheduled to arrive Monday, October 5th!!!

In anticipation of the arrival of my Fix, let me tell you a little about it – that way we can get right to the good stuff when it arrives!

If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a super affordable personal styling service for women.  Why use it?  Maybe you are too busy to spend much time shopping for yourself, maybe you’re fashion-impaired, like me, or maybe you just really like surprises!  It’s really cool because while you may have a stylist shopping for you, you still have a lot of input and control over what they select for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Complete your personal Style Profile – It’s pretty quick, but very thorough.  They ask about your tastes, size, shape, fit preferences, and more!

Step 2: Schedule your Fix – You’ll be able to schedule your Fixes as needed, intermittently, or set up auto-shipments on a regular basis.  It’s your choice, with no hard-to-get-out-of commitment!  There is a $20 Styling Fee charged when your stylist selects items for your Fix.  This fee will be put toward any items you decide to keep, just think of it like a deposit.  If you don’t keep any items, you are just out $20, so it’s also incentive to keep at least one item!

Step 3: Try the pieces on in YOUR home – in comfort and under real-life lighting!  I can’t count on two hands the number of times I have tried something on in the store, then gotten home and found that it just didn’t look like it did before I bought it.  The biggest bonus is that you have access to your entire wardrobe!  Instead of trying to remember exactly what shade those shoes at home are, or if you even have a camisole to match a blouse, you’ll be able to check!

Step 4: Purchase what you like, return the rest – You have three days from receipt to decide what to keep and what to return.  Stitch Fix provides a pre-paid mailer bag that you can fill, seal, and drop in a USPS mailbox!  When you log into your account to mark what you are keeping/returning, you will then be charged for what you keep.  Remember: The $20 Styling Fee is applied to any purchases you make, and if you keep all five items, you’ll also get 25% off the entire shipment!

Step 5: Provide feedback – your opinion on all of the items in the Fix is important, this helps your stylist to improve your next Fix selections.  At this time you can also make changes to your profile, in case you realized you don’t really want shoes in your Fix, or floral prints just aren’t your thing.

A few things that will make your Fix the best it can be:

  • Set up a Pinterest board, like mine.  This is a great way to communicate your preferences, style, interests, etc. with your stylist.  They will peruse your board while they are selecting items for your Fix to get the best matches for you.  I also like to put some staple items I own on my board, like shoes and purses, that way the stylist has an idea of what I have available to wear with something.  I don’t want to get a great item in my Fix that I just don’t have the right shoes for – that’s two expenses in one!  Once you have set up your inspiration board, there is a spot on your profile where you can provide the link for your stylist.
  • Be really honest about what you do/don’t want to see in a Fix.  You only get five items per shipment, so you want to make it worth it.  I don’t/won’t wear scarves and I’m extremely picky about jewelry, so those aren’t worthwhile items for my Fix.  I’ve also found that my shoe size is really all over the chart when it comes to different styles of shoes, so that’s not a good option for my Fix since the odds are good that anything they send won’t fit.
  • Use the free-type fields to relay any specific styling needs to your stylist that the profile does not address.  For instance, I hate my knees and prefer them to be covered, so while I like to wear skirts, they need to hit me below the knee.  I also have an issue with tightness in the upper arms in some materials of long-sleeved shirts, so my stylist needs to be careful when selecting knits for me.
  • Follow other lifestyle bloggers who blog about their Stitch Fix reveals.  I have found this to be helpful for me in interpreting my own style and being able to relay that to my stylist.  Sometimes other people can come up with words or phrasing that we can’t quite grasp on our own.  Also, if you see something you LOVE and MUST HAVE, you can ask for it in the free-type field on your profile!  Here are just a few that I follow: The Box Queen, Living in YellowLet Me Start By Saying, Mary Graham (Trusty Chucks) & Kinder Craze.  You might also discover other boxes you’d like to try out!  Pro Tip: Try to find bloggers with a similar body type to your own, then you can see how certain styles/cuts/fabrics will look on your frame!

Finally, if you’re interested in checking out Stitch Fix, I’d love for you to use my referral link to sign up.  If you sign up using my link, I’ll get a $25 credit towards a future purchase when your first Fix ships, and I’d greatly appreciate it!

Now, come on October 5th!!!



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