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“What’s this all about,” you may be wondering.  Let’s discuss…
Define Dilettante

I am more the first definition rather than the second in some things, and vice versa with others.  To get this blog started, I’m planning to focus on two areas: my cross-stitch projects [first definition] and my adventures in women’s fashion [second definition].

RE: Cross Stitch
I have been cross-stitching since I was quite young.  My mom started me out with plastic canvas projects.  You know, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, book marks…that sort of thing.  When I was a bit older, around the age of 12, she began to let me help her with larger cross-stitch projects.  I remember the first project being a baby quilt she was stitching for a co-worker.  We completed a few more quilt projects together for my older sister when each of her children were born.

After working on all of these large, time-consuming projects for others I came to the realization that there wouldn’t be anyone to help my mom make a quilt for me when I had my first child.  [Side note: No, you haven’t missed anything, I do not currently have children.  This is more of a hope chest, future-endeavor sort of thing.]  I ultimately decided to make it a solo project and finally started my own quilt, which I worked on periodically for a period of about six years(!), finally completing it in 2014 – I’ll post more details and photos on it at a later time.

Meanwhile, in 2012, through the grapevine that is the internet, I learned about charity cross-stitch groups whose members complete cross-stitch squares on a theme for ill children/individuals or senior citizens, and other members use these squares to complete full quilts or other projects.  I loved the idea of stitching for charity purposes because it was both an outlet for me to exercise my favorite craft, and provided something useful to a deserving individual.

I ultimately joined three different groups that each do similar, yet slightly different projects.  My first group was Love Quilts USA [also here] who provide full sized quilts to children [< age 18] with life-threatening illnesses/diseases.  Next, I joined Quilts For Older Children & Adults who provide full sized quilts to pretty much all ages of individuals with life-threatening or life-altering illnesses/diseases, but primarily teens and adults – this group really fills the gap beyond what Love Quilts USA does.  Finally, I joined World of Charity Stitching who complete and bundle a variety of projects including full quilts, lap quilts, book marks, greeting cards, wheelchair/walker bags, and much more, for senior citizens and other individuals residing in long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

I chose these three groups because of the range of needs they cover and variety of projects that I may be able to contribute to throughout the year.  I have just completed my third solid year of membership with these groups and couldn’t be more pleased with the contributions and participation of my fellow members.

This week I will be updating the blog with all of my past projects until I’ve gotten everything posted, and then going forward I’ll provide current updates on any projects I am working on, as I’m able to.  I also do side projects for myself and others, and am always open to taking requests if there is something you would like to have done – just ask!  I really hope you enjoy what you see!

RE: Women’s Fashion
I’m in my 30’s.  You’re thinking, “Yeah, and…?”  Well, this really JUST occurred to me: I don’t shop or necessarily dress how I think a young woman in her 30’s should dress, when I really think about it.  What’s my general style?  No clue.  Which colors look best on me?  No clue.  Which styles look best on my body type?  No clue.  What IS my body type?  No clue.  See a theme here?

Obviously there are some discoveries just waiting to be made!  My sister recently signed up for a service called Stitch Fix and loves it, so I figured I’d start there.  I will tell you ALL about Stitch Fix in a post very soon, when I receive, reveal and review my first Fix in early October(!!!).  For now, I will just say that completing all of the profile questions was an eye opening experience!  Seriously, they were assuming that the least expensive store I am regularly shopping at is Macy’s.  Let me tell you, 90% of my wardrobe for the last 15 years has come from Old Navy.  No joke.  I think Old Navy exclusivity is okay for a girl in her early to mid-20’s, but I’m approaching my mid-30’s and I need to get out of this rut!

Hopefully you’ll also join me for my adventure into the exciting and uncharted (for me!) world of women’s fashion!  I’m looking forward to experiencing new ways of wearing clothes, new brands, and new prints, colors & styles, and sharing the experience with my friends.  I’m far less excited about all of the selfies this is going to require – eek!!!

Thank you so much for visiting, I really hope you stick around!



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