Cross Stitch: Hello Cthulhu! Drawstring Bag

This is a catch-up post for a cross stitch project that has already been completed.

Project #: 22
Made For: Friend/Family
Details: This was a thank you present for a friend.
Completed: March 2013

This is a good step-by-step example of how I stitch on items that don’t have their own natural grid.  I use a product called waste canvas.  It has the same grid structure as AIDA cloth, but is a loose weave and only temporarily held together by a soluble starch.  I typically safety-pin the corners onto my medium to get started, then remove those once the material is firmly in place with my stitching.

 hc1  hc2  hc3  hc4  hc5

Once I’m done with the project I spray the stitching with water (or briefly run it under the faucet) and carefully begin pulling the waste canvas strands out.  It’s actually pretty fun, but it tends to make your fingers raw if you have a lot of it to remove. This was a pretty large project, and it took me two nights to get all of the waste canvas out. So, yeah, raw fingers…


Once I was finished removing the waste canvas I did launder the bag to get the starch residue off, which can be seen in these last few pictures in the series.

hc7  hc8

Final scanned product (pre-wash):

This was a fairly large piece and it took me a full two weeks with no breaks.



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